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Plus CDN Plan

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Cloud Host Content Delivery Network (FCDN)

Cloud Host CDN empower website owners and content provider to deliver their rich media content from 1 source to our expanding 21 nodes around the world. CDN utilizes smart routing technology to deliver the content / data to the user from the nearest and/or quickest node for the user. It distributes the content to multiple, geographically diverse nodes and then serves the content from whichever node is closest to the end-user, minimizing packet travel and increasing speed and efficiency.

Our CDN currently delivers content across 21 nodes across the globe: 15 nodes in the Americas, 4 in Asia, and 2 in Europe. This provides geographic diversity and the ability to deliver content from some of the largest Internet peering points in the world. Cloud Host and its partner, Internap, will continue to add new nodes to our CDN to expand the reach and capabilities of the service.



CDN technology focused in three main categories: Video or Audio Streaming, Delivery of large data file ( JPG, PDF, FLASH, MP3, WMA, GIF, TXT and more) and content caching.


Encoding Formats   Delivery Formats Compression Formats
Windows® Media Player
Adobe® Flash®
Move Media Player
Microsoft Silverlight™
RealSystem™ G2
Real Networks®


Video streamed over Cloud Host CDN does not require excessive buffering or suffer from the jitters experienced with traditional Internet content delivery. Media downloads also experience increases in speed and decreases in latency.

Cloud Host’s CDN load balances the download route to deliver virtually any type of Internet download to the end user, including: game downloads, new software, software upgrades, video, HD video, and audio. Cloud Host’s CDN is also the optimal solution for delivering cached Internet content that may be static but is frequently accessed; used for companies that provide services such as online shopping, guided tour sites, social networking sites, financial sites, hotel and travel sites, images in forum, popular and busy websites.



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How reliable is Cloud Host’s CDN?
Our CDN is substantially more reliable for content delivery than standard unmonitored Internet delivery. By reducing stress on the host server and distributing content over a network of nodes, information can be stored securely and delivered consistently. Particularly for large file downloads or streaming media where latency can create interruptions, our CDN helps content arrive rapidly and without jitters, excess buffering, or service interruptions.


How easy is it to add Cloud Host CDN to my current hosting infrastructure?
With Cloud Host CDN, content is stored on any Internet connected server. The content’s location / folder ( is then registered with our CDN system. When the first user request for the content, it’s pulled from our CDN network of nodes and delivered from the closest point to that end user.

The content remains on the network for other users to access as well until it is automatically cleared 24 hours after the last demand made. The first requesting user has an average content delivery experience, while the next users have streamlined delivery as the same content will be delivered from the closest and/or quickest node for that particular user.

Why Use CDN

  • Cost-Effective Scalability (?)
  • Performance-Neutral Growth (?)
  • Secure Content Management (?)
  • Geographic Reach (?)
  • High-Quality Content & Media Rich Web Sites (?)

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