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What are the tips to improve the interiors of your home?

Every person wants their home to look beautiful but not everyone can hire an interior decorator or designer to improve the interiors of their home. Here are some simple tips which will make the home look beautiful and increase the resale value of the house.

  1. The space should be looked at creatively. Cupboard doors could be replaced by curtains. This decreases the space needed to open the cupboard. When curtains are colorful, they add to the attractiveness of the home.
  2. Storage crates can be used to store books and toys and can also be used as a decorative item. These crates can be colored to match the décor of the home
  3. Walls can be used for shelves and to hang various kinds of decorative hooks. These add to the storage space.
  4. You could also think of creating an extension to the home. This however could cost a significant amount and therefore should be thought of carefully.
  5. The kitchen handles could be replaced with bright ones and tiles on the wall can be replaced with self coloured bold ones to make a statement.
  6. Material from old discarded curtains can be used to make attractive cushions
  7. The artwork done by kids or even photographs can be used to make a collage.
  8. The beds could have storage shelves underneath. This can be used to store the bedlinen
  9. In order to prevent messy and rain soaked raincoats and umbrellas from messing up the hardwood floors and staining the rugs, a stopping area is advisable just inside the front door. This can be used to hang up all their wet articles and prevent them bringing it into the house.
  10. Coatracks which can be used to hang all kinds of woolies save precious wardrobe space and keeps the items handy before leaving the house.

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