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What are some controversial ways to increase the economic growth?

There are a number of methods that countries employ to boost the economic growth of the country and the economy in general. Some of the methods have proven to be really good while others need to be tested and tried to see if they work. Countries may realize that some methods and ways could boost the economy but yet are quite wary on following that route as it is controversial at best.

Here are a few controversial ways to kick start the economy.

  1. Legalizing of drugs as well as legalizing illegal substances: There are a number of potential benefits which can be yielded when the authorities legalize drugs or other substances which are considered illegal. This approach though is frowned upon though. Billions of dollars are spent on law enforcement as well as incarceration of dealers and even on health care and the logic is that if these are legalized, these costs will decrease. When these are legalized there would also be a decrease in the cases of street drug overdose and spread of HIV due to using of infected needles. This itself could be worth the time and effort to debate.
  2. Regularizing of online gaming: When gaming is legalized, the country benefits by making a lot of money. This money could then be used to subsidize education and reduce the cost of living of students. However, some are wary about the government legalizing gaming as it goes against moral as well as social grounds.
  3. Enforcing of jobless citizens to volunteer: This is another method which can be employed. Those that are jobless should be forced to volunteer and thus gain experience in the labor market. This will help the people build skill, expertise and gain experience. This in turn will help them gain employment and the unemployment amount which is shelled out by the government every year can be decreased.


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