What are some tips to have happier families?

The world we live in is stressful. Both parents work, the children are more often than not, left to their own devices. There is a lot of consumerism in today’s world and added to that, everyone wants to keep up with the Joneses. Gone are the days of family time, bonding over meals and spending quality time with the family. Now even if the member of families are in the same room, each are busy with their own electronic devices and the room changes to being a family room to a room housing strangers that live together under one roof.

Here are some tips to have happier families:

  1. The parents need to balance work and home life. If you are constantly feeling guilty about sticking to just 9 hours of work and not bringing work home with you, you will not be able to enjoy your family life and the kids will grow up feeling disconnected from you.
  2. The parents should invest in themselves. They should first concentrate on being healthy, happy and content. It is only when they feel positive will they exhibit it. If the parents are constantly stressed, feeling resentful and miserable, they will not be able to support their kids in the way that they should.
  3. Discipline is a very important aspect of family life. The parents need to be disciplined and adhere to the rules set for the family. If they are not disciplined and always break the rules, the kids will lose respect for the parents, not obey the rules themselves and when questioned, throw it back at the parents telling them that they don’t follow it either.
  4. Boundaries need to be set and this needs to be done by explaining why the boundaries have been set and thus the kids understand rather than feel it is unfairly being imposed.

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