How do you name a business?

When you decide on starting your own company or business, one of the most important decisions to make is what to name the business. Very often one finds that the business fails to catch on and this to a large extent could be due to the name. Here are some suggestions on how you could name the business.

  1. You should avoid names that are hard to spell. Businesses that have names that are too creative where spelling is concerned lose customers due to customers looking up for the wrong spelling.
  2. You should pick a name which will not limit the business. This would lead to huge problems when it comes to expansion or diversification of the business.
  3. When you have zeroed in on a name that you like and have decided to name your business, you need to do a thorough internet search to see that the name has not already been taken by someone else.
  4. You would need to also get a .com domain name. While there are alternatives such as .net or .biz or .org, people usually associate a business with a .com extension. If the .com extension has been already taken there are chances you will lose your customers to that site.
  5. You need to choose a business which is meaningful, has positive connotation and bears a relation to the business. If you choose a name that has no relevance to your business or a name that is hard to remember, you will end up paying more in terms of branding, to make people remember the name.
  6. You need to also check and see if you can get a service mark or a trademark for the name.
  7. You should ideally get feedback on the name you have chosen to see if others like it or what they feel about it.

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