How do you landscape without investing too much

Most people have yards that are monochromatic. In order to break the monotony, they feel that they would need to spend a ton of money and time in order to landscape the place. This is not really true. One can go about landscaping the place and that too without bursting the budget.

Here are some ideas on how to landscape without breaking the bank

  1. Edging: The edging needs to be done so as to prevent the lawn from running into the garden bed. This can be done by installing an edging which is tough and rigid and will last.
  2. Adding a berm: You can also create a berm which is the term used for earth which is gently sloping. These can be used to make island beds and this can have colors and textures. This will make the place look more interesting than just having grass. You can plant colorful flowering plants there.
  3. A flagstone wall can be built that too by just making a few inches deep trench . This would need to be filled with peat or sand so that it is leveled.
  4. If you do not want to build a flagstone wall, you can have a flagstone path or one made of gravel. That will help break the monotony of the place.
  5. You could plant a tree. That would offer color, texture, shade, decrease the cooling costs and offering a curbside appeal.
  6. The tree could also be surrounded by masonry which would help with extra seating.
  7. Mulch is something that can add texture as well as color to the yard. You can choose whichever texture and color you prefer. All you need to do is dump it in the yard, spread it out and that is the end of your work.

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