Some useful internet tips and tricks

The internet is a very powerful resource and due to it, it sometimes can be overwhelming especially for someone that is just getting the hang of it. Here are some tips and tricks which will be most useful and helpful for especially beginners.

  1. You should utilize tabbed browsing to your advantage. When reading an article, very often you come across links which you would like to explore. Rather than switching to that link and leaving the article you were reading half way through, you should open the link in another tab.
  2. The http:// portion of the webpage does not need to be typed in and nor is the www portion of it. You can just start typing out the name of the webpage you want which follows the www. Portion.
  3. When you are filling in fields in a webpage, you can move quickly between fields by pressing Tab or shift + tab. The tab will advance you to the next field. The shift + tab will move you back one field.
  4. If you are searching for some text, you should put the phrase in quotes if you want the phrase to be searched in totality. For example “computer keyboard” will return only those sites which have the entire phrase computer keyboard. However, if you type in computer keyboard in the search, it will return all the sites which have the word computer and the word keyboard in the page and not necessarily will these words follow each other.
  5. You should ensure that your browser and any plug ins you have installed are updated. This will help you get more functionality. This also helps to increase the security and stability of the computer.
  6. There are various online resources you can use to make your computer more productive. These should be used as well.


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