How To Be An Effective Branding Designer

Life in a branding agency can be tough, exciting, easy, exhilarating, lonely all at the same, maybe even in the same hour. The industry moves so fast that you won’t know whether you are coming or going most of the time. You will have multiple different projects on the go as you work. You will struggle to at times and excel at others while constantly feeling like you are sinking. That is the way in the industry. Working in a branding agency in Sydney will challenge you but never put you to sleep, which is obviously a good thing.

So, how does one end up in a branding agency and what should you remember while working there? Well, first of all, there is no clear path. There are internships in some, graduate programmes in others and no clear entry path in even more. To get in, you will have to fight and use all the ingenuity you have find a way in. Having a good background in the industry and work to show always helps. Having the ability to put yourself in front of people while telling them and showing them why should work for them helps even more. To be clear, if you know anyone that has a job in a branding agency, the chances are they worked very hard to get it.

What about when you get there? What should you remember? Below are three tips, if you follow them you may just be on your way to a long and successful career there.


  1. Be different

Difference is the key to success in a branding agency. While clients and companies often talk about a consistent message, it is important to remember that consistency can turn stale very quickly, unless it is presented in the right way. Present ad campaigns in different ways, through different mediums. Mix up the language used while staying true to the brand. Ask yourself how improvements can be made and how the difference could achieve this.


  1. Be prepared to fail

In any job you will be asked to do things you don’t know how to do, so maybe this advice isn’t that specific, but it applies a lot when you start working for a branding agency, especially a busy one, that expects work to be done yesterday. You will have so many projects and clients to please that failure is inevitable. Make sure every time you fail you realise why and it doesn’t happen again. After all, the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. Take these words onboard and you will see your career become a success.


  1. Know the constraints

It is easy to think, when handed a project that you can do anything, that the world is your oyster. That is not the case. Working in a branding agency in Sydney is the one place where you need to set yourself constraints. Always explore all the options but ask the right questions before you begin. This means that while someone may say you can do anything, this rarely means you can. Ask follow up questions early so that you save time down the line.

The branding agency in Sydney life isn’t for everyone. It chews people up and spits them out and can leave people feeling like they’ve run a marathon every day. However, it is more like a fun run, rather than a marathon. One where you learn a lot about yourself and the industry you work in. You will learn how to do things you never thought possible and come out smelling and looking like roses at the other end.

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