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How To Find The Best Plumbers In Wellington


Let’s face it, we’re all looking for that one special tradesman that’s worth their weight in gold. We’ve all had shoddy work from dodgy tradies, crippling your finances and leaving you disillusioned. Well, thankfully there are several awesome steps you can put in place to ensure that you get access to the best plumbers for bathroom renovations in Wellington. This way, whenever your pipes start leaking, you’ll have the right number on speed-dial to get the issue fixed promptly. Check out the following tips that’ll help you find the more reliable plumbers in Wellington.


Contact several businesses

Contact at least three plumbers for bathroom renovations in Wellington and arrange for them to come to your home. The reason why you want at least three is so you have an adequate sample space and a decent enough frame of reference to make a good decision. When you arrange the appointment, make sure that you give them as much detail as possible about what you think is happening. They’ll be able to provide you a quote on the job. If you’re starting from scratch, check out any online databases that will list registered plumbers in Wellington. This way you are getting a contractor with a recognised license.


Check out online reviews

Once you have their business name, do a quick Google search to see what pops up. You don’t want a tradie with a history of negative reviews. Check out their Facebook page and website to see how effective they are at interacting with their customers. Verify how long they have been in business to gauge their relative level of experience.


Check for alarm bells

If the contractor you have spoken to doesn’t provide certain details about their business, then it’s time to get a bit suspicious. Have they provided you with a business address? Have they given you both a mobile and a landline number to get in touch with them? Do they accept multiple forms of payment – cheque, credit transfer etc. Asking for cash only should be a big warning bell. They are likely to be an untrustworthy tradesman.


Make sure the estimate is reliable

Once they have checked the issue and provided you with a quote, it’s crucial that you spend time assessing the reliability of the quote. Indeed, the estimate should clearly denote what the plumber must do and how they are going to go about doing it. Ultimately, it should be very detailed and have a clear price listed.


Don’t for the cheapest option

Cutting corners on trade work only ends in tears. Prices can vary a lot between providers and if you choose the cheapest available option, there is a good chance that you’ll just end up regretting it. The best plumbers in Wellington take their time with their work. Rushing them to save a few bucks won’t help anyone. You want a provider with the best available materials, who you can confidently say will comply with all necessary regulations.


Never pay upfront

Don’t ever pay for tradie work upfront or before the project has even started. They might ask for a percentage of the total fee as a form of a retainer or security, but they should never ask you for the entire invoice up front. Only once the job has been completed and properly tested are you legally required to pay the entire invoice.


Discounts? Money returns?

Finally, you should always verify to see if any plumbers in Wellington are running any discounted services or money back guarantees. Trade workers with a lot of belief in their abilities are often willing to offer money back guarantees because they know they have the capabilities to back up their performance talk.



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